How losses prepare us to win


No one likes to lose. This is a fact

I really don’t agree with the famous citation of Baron Pierre D’Cobertain (The important thing is to compete).

No, it’s not. Do your best to win is what is the most important. But it’s not possible to win all the time. There will be defeats and they are the fundamental tool in order for every champion to reach the peak.

How? How lose prepare you to become a winner, a champion?

Well, based on my experience I will try to explain how I see this process and how it should be done to get the best of it.

Whether it is a high-performance athlete, amateur athlete or just a practitioner, losing is what brings evolution. To try and to fail is the driving force in the technical, physical and psychological development of the human being in any area of ​​activity.

In Jiu Jitsu, I usually say that every class is a humility lesson. Every day we are training and submitting or being submitted and this makes us understand where we are improving and where the failures really lie.

Fo a beginner it is in this daily process that he creates the foundation to understand positions, variations and creates experience.

On the kids Jiu Jitsu programs should follows the same pattern of learning and competition is a important tool along with victory and defeat to work with the children to understand and deal with success, pressure, frustration, anxiety and manny more emotions and situations they will face on the adult life on daily basis. Going trough this on their growing process and learning how apply the leanings on the everyday life, this will will build the children to a more emotionally balanced and prepared adult.

A high-performance athlete has to be prepared for defeat and even a period of not good performances. The defeat for a high-performance athlete brings far more important consequences than just losing a medal or a title.

That defeat may be whether or not to have a cash prize, whether or not to have a sponsorship bonus, or close new deal for sponsorships or seminars. Making a Living and competing on this pressure is already something that the athlete has to know how to manage.

But paradoxical as it may be, it is losing that the athlete becomes a better athlete and consequently eventually the champion.

Losing as I mentioned above, builds the experience. If for a practitioner, that is what makes him evolve, for an athlete this will be essential for him to understand what works best for him in competition, what kind of game, rules, strategy and etc.

When an athlete loses he has to reevaluate everything. From technical and physical training to diet and rest. He has to see where he can improve, seek more knowledge and types of training, drills and support system.

Defeat forces you to deconstruct yourself. If you reevaluate and deconstruct everything around you and your way to do things this will build a new athlete with a new and different game. Adjusting what was already good and bring new options.

In order to do this the athlete must already have to give up another factor that accompanies competition and human nature: Ego.

It’s impossible for someone who still has the ego inflated to see defeat as the instrument of change.

So, my advice is: You lose? See where the mistake happened, evaluate where it can improve and what you can change and evolve.

Defeat bring a bad taste to the mouth and it’s hard to swallow. But to go through this, accept and use this as an instrument of change is what brings evolution.

Do your best and always strive to evolve, and losing is part of that cycle.

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