Tank Space: Marketing or lack of martial values?


Trash talk and bjj, good or bad combo?

Por: Bruno Tank Mendes

Hi Guys,

We start over our column with a subject that’s everywhere nowadays at the BJJ world. The trash talk or that bad mouthing, the provoking that happens between fighters and teams.

Trash talk is something consolidated at the MMA world. A marketing tool of the fighters and the events. That’s not my intent to discuss about it. if it worths or not or if it’s right or wrong. Even because in MMA they will punch each other anyway and solve their words (or not).

What I come to talk is about this attitude being adopted by the BJJ people. Either at Brazil where the comments are more subtle and not given so much attention or overseas where the attitudes are more aggressive and have a lot of media space.

Jiu-jitsu and MMA are two different things. Even though lots of MMA stars has a BJJ background and some of the gentle art athletes will still become MMA stars, the two sports are distinct things. Different public, practitioners, structure, media cover, etc..

Saying that i gave it already my point of view: trash talk is not a fit to BJJ. Even knowing that it’s all marketing, all about selling the fights and usually/maybe the people don’t really mean all the crap they’re saying, it is borderline disrespect.

To promote a fight or an event is part of what moves the $ on MMA world. Its for sure attracts the attention of martial arts to non practitioners and lead more of them to buy the pay per view. They want to see bad blood, they want the guys hating each other. Most of those viewers have no clue how a MMA professional team or even a legit martial arts school works, the respect code and the self control that the martial art teaches.

Guys like Ryan Gordon (that walk around wearing a crow at the tournaments and always are calling people out) and the John Danaher’s “Death squad” that are always challenge anyone, are the new face of BJJ trash talk.

The worst of all it is how does this will reflect in our sport’s future.

To any sport grow needs families and specially kids practicing it.

Do you believe that parents will enroll their kids on BJJ or any martial arts when they watch one of the “sport’s star” talking like that to somebody on the media. When listen them talking insanities, being arrogant and showing themselves off as a person who doesn’t have any respect for anything. No way they would chose to put their kids into this sport.
Nobody would. I wouldn’t.

Instead of built ourselves over polemics and trash talk to bring $ to BJJ we should worry about build the bases to the ones that are willing to learn and consume BJJ. Those people are the ones whom will spin the money on BJJ industry.

People should buy the pay per view because they want to watch a good show and quality techniques not because someone was talking crap to each other.
Jiu-jitsu is a perfect tool to build moral and honor values and also to build and improve social skills. It always has been and it will always be.
The sad thing is, despite of the amazing talent for grappling, some people still haven’t understand the real value that Jiu Jitsu teaches for those who practice it.

For those who have a big mouth and like to call out people, there’s a very easy way to proof your talent and be respected as one of the greatest. Sign up for the tournaments. World’s, PanAms, World Pro. All the greatest of all time always signed up for those and build their names. Doing that you can fight the best out there and show to the world what you are made of.


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